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Planning Programming Budgeting System (PPBS)


Planning Programming Budgeting System: Background

The standard budgeting system (i.e. the Line-Merchandise and Incremental) has been unsuitable and ineffective within the efficient utilization of restricted governmental assets in addition to within the context of planning. There are some shortcomings or weaknesses of the standard budgeting system as follows:
  1. emphasize on the targets of management and accountability fairly than allocation of restricted assets on programmes and initiatives;
  2. offers data on the objects of expenditures, not the targets of expenditure;
  3. doesn’t assist in analyzing and evaluation of the affect of funds on the economic system;
  4. emphasize on the incremental method with out due consideration of the need;
  5. emphasize on the monetary efficiency fairly than the bodily;
  6. doesn’t relate the present expenditure with the longer term budgetary repercussions
Success of planning wants enhancements in budgeting system together with others. John Beyer emphasizes that enhancements in financial planning want, at first, a budgetary innovation to translate the plan selections into actuality. Equally Caiden and Wildvasky have acknowledged that planning isn’t value a lot consideration till the annual funds is made extra significant.

Historical past and Idea of Planning Programming Budgeting System (PPBS)

An innovation within the budgeting system is the planning programming budgeting system (PPBS). It’s equally known as the Efficiency and Programming Budgeting System in addition to the Planning Programming Budgeting System. The Efficiency Funds was the end result of the advice of the First Hoover Fee, 1949 within the USA. The Efficiency Funds is outlined as;
“A efficiency funds is one which presents the needs and targets for which funds are requested, the prices of programmes proposed for reaching these targets, and quantitative information measuring the accomplishments and work efficiency beneath every programme.” – Jesse Burkhead.
Efficiency funds is principally to judge the work efficiency of presidency expenditures. Later, the time period ‘programme’ was coined with the efficiency budgeting in 1957 as per the advice of the Second Hoover Fee. The Programme funds emphasizes on the necessity for budgetary administration within the gentle of long run targets.
PPBS was first launched within the Protection Division within the USA in 1961 by Robert McNamara, and in all departments in 1965 till 1975. This technique of budgeting is in follow within the type of Programme Funds in a lot of the international locations primarily in case of improvement funds (launched in Nepal since 2026 B.S. 

Phases of Planning Programming Budgeting System (PPBS)

  1. Specification of Aims – The targets of the programmes are to be laid out in consistence with the long run targets in quantitative phrases so far as doable.
  2. Systemic Evaluation – The doable various initiatives to realize the programme targets are analyzed in a scientific means with the usage of cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness evaluation.
  3. Purposeful Classification – The funds is assessed on a purposeful foundation like features, programmes, initiatives and actions.
  4. Group – Funds formulation addresses the organizational construction, managerial and administrative procedures of the applications/ initiatives/ actions.
  5. Analysis – The mechanism for analysis of efficiency on the idea of economic and bodily performances to observe, and take corrective actions, if essential.

Benefits of Planning Programming Budgeting System (PPBS)

  1. It integrates the method of program/ challenge formulation, funds allocation and analysis in a scientific means.
  2. It helps within the selection of applications/ initiatives, allocation of assets on them and efficiency analysis for the manager and legislature.
  3. It integrates the choice makings concerning the selection of program/ initiatives to realize the supposed targets.
  4. It makes an attempt to advertise most social benefit with the prudent (wise-full) use of scarce assets.
  5. It incorporates the longer term budgetary repercussion (could also be 3,5,10 years) as per the character and dimension of the initiatives.

Limitations of Planning Programming Budgeting System (PPBS)

This technique of budgeting has not been efficient in follow, even within the USA, and so in a lot of the international locations. The explanations are identified as follows:
  1. For appropriation and management functions, expenditures are continued to be categorized within the conventional line-item method. Numerous targets budgetary coverage makes budgeting complicated and complicated.
  2. The issue arises in its software in case of a number of targets of a program/ challenge that entails completely different companies.
  3. It’s tough to accumulate essential data concerning efficiency analysis and price estimation in an uniform means in all governmental actions.
  4. It emphasizes on bodily and monetary efficiency, not on qualitative efficiency.
  5. It intends to centralize the budgetary resolution makings.

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