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GanttProject: A superb Project Management App for Desktop


GanttProject is GPL-licensed (free software) Java based, project management software that runs under the Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. This project was initiated in January 2003, at University of Marne-la-Vallée (France) and managed, at first, by Alexandre Thomas, now replaced by Dmitry Barashev. So, it is a free project scheduling and management app for Windows, OSX and Linux. Includes Gantt chart, resource load chart, PERT chart. Supports project baselines. Reads and writes MS Project files, exports to CSV,PDF, HTML, PNG. Can work with WebDAV servers. GanttProject is known to work best for construction, media and other industries which deal with mid-sized projects, tasks measured in days and clear dependencies between tasks.

GanttProject Features

Comparing to other full-fledged project management software, one could say that GanttProject is designed considering the KISS principle.

It features most basic project management functions like a Gantt chart for project scheduling of tasks, and doing resource management using resource load charts. It can only handle days not hours. It does not have features like cash flow, message and document control. It has a number of reporting options (MS Project, HTML, PDF, spreadsheets).

The major features include: Create Work Breakdown Structure, Task Hierarchy and Dependencies, Gantt Chart, Resource Load Chart, Baselines saving and comparing, Generation of PERT Chart, PDF and HTML Reports, MS Project import/export with file format MPX (.mpx) and MSPDI (.xml) (XML-based data interchange format since Microsoft Project 2002), Exchange data with spreadsheet applications, WebDAV based groupwork, Project file format is XML, Vacation and Holidays management and Available in more than 20 languages.

You can use GanttProject software for free, even for commercial use. It’s designed to work on your desktop, so you don’t have to be connected to the internet to work with it.

It works on Linux, Windows®, and OS X®, and will let you schedule and manage your projects with ease. It’s so easy to use; you won’t even need a manual! It’s popular, with around 2,000 downloads each week. That’s great news for anyone who wants to work with it because that popularity means the software will stay updated and you can expect it to be available to you for a long time to come.

Since GanttProject software has been around since 2003, you know it’s reliable and isn’t going to disappear tomorrow. That way you don’t need to worry about anything but handling the tasks that are important to you, and GanttProject can help you do that.

With a work breakdown structure, you can organize all of your tasks in one place and create a hierarchy tree to summarize and track dates, costs, progress, and all the lower level information that has to be handled when there is a task in the works.

You can even collapse your tasks to get them out of the way if you’re not working on them at that time. That way you can stay better organized and make sure that all the essential tasks you have to deal with right away are easy to see. With all the tasks and milestones you can create, you can even make custom fields. That way you’re not limited to just the area that the software comes with, and you’ll have choices that work for your task management needs.

If you want one task to relate to another, you can do that, as well. You can set up something to start when something else ends, so you’re always on track, and you don’t lose precious time between tasks. With baselines, comparisons, and charts you can use in all kinds of ways for all types of tasks, the GanttProject software can give you what you need and want to stay on track.

Finally, don’t forget that it’s free, more critical is clean (no bundles) and to support its development you should consider a donation to the team behind this project.

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