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ERG Concept of Motivation


Clayton Alderfer
Clayton Alderfer (September 1, 1940 – October 30, 2015) was an American psychologist and advisor additionally identified for the extremely popular principle of Motivation known as ERG Concept. ERG principle of motivation is the additional improvement on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Wants Concept developed by Abraham Maslow. 
Associated Theories:

Clayton Alderfer has supplied an extension of the Maslow’s want hierarchy and Herzberg’s two-factor principle of motivation, significantly the previous. Just like the earlier theories, Alderfer believes that there’s a worth in categorizing wants and that there’s a fundamental distinction between lower-order wants and higher-order wants. Based mostly on the empirical evidences, he has discovered that there appears to be some overlapping between physiological, safety and social wants. Additionally the traces of demarcation between social, esteem and achievement wants aren’t clear. Based mostly on these observations, Alderfer has categorized the assorted wants into three classes: existence wants, relatedness wants and development wants. The primary three letters of those wants are used to name it ERG principle.
ERG Concept of Motivation

1. Existence Wants 

Existence wants embody all wants associated to physiological and security points of a person. Thus, existence wants group physiological and security wants of Maslow into one class as these have comparable affect on the conduct of the person. 

2. Relatedness Wants 

Relatedness wants embody all these wants that contain relationship with different individuals whom the person cares. Relatedness wants cowl Maslow’s social wants and that a part of esteem wants which is derived from the connection with different individuals. 

3. Progress Wants 

Progress wants contain the person making artistic efforts to attain full potential within the present setting. These embody Maslow’s self actualization want in addition to that a part of the esteem want which is inner to the person like feeling of being distinctive, feeling of private development.

In conclusion, ERG Concept of Motivation is similar to the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Want Concept.  The existence wants is taken into account because the physiological and security wants of Maslow’s hierarchy of want. Likewise, relatedness wants is taken into account as social wants of Maslow’s principle. It contains the social wishes and standing for sustaining interpersonal relationships. Equally, the expansion wants of Alderfer is as comparable because the Maslow’s esteem class which embody self-actualization wants. It’s the want for private improvement which incorporates the vanity wants and self-actualization wants.

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