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An Introduction to the Scientific Idea of Administration


Scientific administration concept was proposed by Frederick Winslow Taylor within the first decade of the 20th century, is the primary coherent concept of administration. In keeping with this concept the identical rules of administration could be utilized to all social entities. The governing insurance policies for our properties, farms, state, enterprise, and church, have the identical underlying rules. It emphasised on enhancements within the decrease stage of the corporate moderately than at high administration. It geared toward finding out the connection between the bodily nature of labor and the physiological nature of the workmen. It confused upon specialization, predictability, technical competence and rationality for enhancing the organizational effectivity and financial system.


Taylor gave the next 4 rules which in accordance with him can be utilized universally:

-Assemble a science for every factor of a person’s work.

-Scientifically choose, practice, educate and develop workmen.

-Administration ought to absolutely cooperate with employees.

-The division of labor and accountability between administration and the employees have to be shared equally.

Scientific administration, in accordance with Taylor, entails a whole psychological revolution on the a part of employees in the direction of their duties, work, fellow males and their employers; and on the a part of managers, in the direction of their staff and their issues.


The strategies of scientific administration facilitate the appliance of rules of scientific administration talked about beneath:

FUNCTIONAL FOREMANSHIP: Below this, a employee is supervised and guided by eight useful foremen. 4 of those are chargeable for planning viz. Order-of-work-and-route-clerk, Instruction-card clerk, Time-and-cost clerk, Store Clerk. The opposite 4 are chargeable for execution and serve on store flooring specifically, Gang boss, pace boss, inspector and Restore boss.

MOTION STUDY: It entails the remark of all of the motions comprised in a selected job after which dedication of finest set of motions.

TIME STUDY: It’s used to find out the usual time for completion of labor.

DIFFRENTIAL PIECE RATE PLAN: Below this plan, a employee is paid a low piece price as much as an ordinary, a big bonus at the usual and the next piece price above the usual.

EXCEPTION PRINCIPLE: It entails establishing a big day by day activity by the administration, with reward for attaining targets and penalty for not assembly it.


Scientific administration got here to be criticized and opposed by numerous sections for the next causes:

-It was focused on the store flooring. It didn’t stress on the upper ranges of administration.

-It was criticized as a mechanistic concept of group because it uncared for the human facet of the group. It handled employee as a machine and sought to make it as environment friendly as machine itself.

-It was criticized on the bottom that it underestimated and oversimplified human motivation by explaining human motivation by way of financial features solely.

-It was additionally opposed by the managers resulting from two causes. First, they’d lose their judgment and discretion because of the adoption of scientific strategies. Second, their work and duties will increase underneath Taylorism.

Source by Allan Wu

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